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An Absolute Newbie Guide to CS Vehicles
By Tayl0r

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This is going to be a little more in-depth than the other tutorial done by Medic911 (a.k.a. paramedic) because some people are having problems and this guide will (hopefully) cover everything you need to make a vehicle for your map.

The first and probably hardest thing to do is create the vehicle, It must be west facing. If you canít do it, or canít be bothered - go to Ė there are loads there. Just remember who made it so you can give some credit if your gonna release the map.

So, you should now have: A vehicle.

(click to enlarge)

My Truck

Now open the texture window, and find the texture called "origin" - itís a green and white texture. Then make a brush (a block) in the centre of the vehicle. It can be any size as long as the middle of the brush is in the middle of the vehicle, and the origin brush will not be visible in game. This is very important, donít just skip it because you donít understand.

So, you should now have: A vehicle with an origin brush (an origin brush is a block with origin texture on all sides)


Now create 2 entities (light bulb tool) called "path_track", and slap them in your level. The position of these entities is important. The first one is the location the vehicle will start in, when the game starts the vehicles origin brush will be centered on the path_track. The second one is the way the vehicle will be facing, the vehicle will be at the first path_track, looking at the second one. Set the path_tracks up like so (you enter the entities properties by clicking on the entity and pressing alt + enter):

1st path_track (donít change anything else in itís properties)

Key Value
Name Stop1
Next stop target Stop2

2nd path_track (again, donít touch the other values)

Next stop targetStop1


Now we are ready to set the actual vehicle up, select the vehicle and origin brush and press ctrl + T to Tie it to an entity. Then from the drop down list at the top of the dialog, select "func_vehicle".

NOTE: If itís not there, you havenít the latest FDG, or you havenít set Hammer up with the FGD correctly. Consult someone else about that, or do it yourself. Itís an easy but long process

Set your vehicle up like this

First stop targetStop1
Sound<pick one from the list>
Length of the vehicle<the length of your vehicle in units>
Width of the vehicle<the width of your vehicle in units>
Height above track0
Speed (units per second)<in units per second 500 is a good value>
Acceleration<default is 3, you can change it if you like>
Damage on crush<Crushing people is quite hard. But a value like 1000 will make sure they donít survive>


As you can see, you can customize your vehicle quite a lot. Experiment if you have the time J

So now you should have: A vehicle with an origin brush (set up) and 2 path_tracks.

Now itís time to create the controls for the vehicle. Make a brush somewhere on your vehicle, the player will have to be standing in it to operate the vehicle, not pointing at it or standing by it, I suggest you use the "aaatrigger" texture for the brush, it will be invisable in-game. Select it and make it a "func_vehicle_controls"

No point in a fancy table, just put "Vehicle1" as the Vehicle Name.

(click to enlarge)

Vehicle Controls

There you have it, your vehicle should work. And if not, you did something wrong, so do it again and pay more attention J

(click to enlarge)

Killed by my own creation

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